Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Debbie's "Press Confidence" Regarding her DEVO Cover

Introduction by Patt Riot
Greetings, citizens! As imaginary co-manager of ThoseAmerican Girls, one of me primary duties is to attempt to translate the thoughts of the band's leaders into intelligible English for your consumption. Sometimes this is harder than other times. For one thing, no matter how many times I explained to Debbie that she was releasing a STATEMENT, not a “Press Confidence,” she still insisted I title the page accordingly. I endeavored to spell words correctly when they were actually words, and to render phonetic translations when they were not. Here then is Debbie American's official statement regarding her cover of Devo's “I'd Cry If UDyed” currently on iTunes as a single and soon to be on the forthcoming album, “Theirs Eleventy-Seven Riots Going On!”

OMG Our new single as requested by Gerald Casale of Devo OMG!
OMG it's me Debbie American Hooray & have I got like news for you!
We had just been finisherizering our album inspired by famous European mathemagician/genius Dr. Bernardo Kastrup's upcoming book, “More Than Allegory: On Religious Myth, Truth And Belief” when Gerald Casale, genius co-founderer of DEVO & directorer of the like first Foo Fighters video, tweeted us out & said
“A girl must sing Devo's 'I'd Cry If You Died.'”

OMG so like we almost died!

OMG like within minutes, everyone agreed I should be the one to sing it, and my human vocal coach Colleen Grate felt up to it, so we scheduled studio time right away. When Alicia tweeted that to Mr. Casale within an hour or three of his request, he respondeded, “Wow!” And so I was assigned the like greaterest honor of my entire musicalistic career yo OMG hashtag Nervous!

Now the only way I agreed to sing the song was if I could like PERSONALIZE it. Some peeps I know were shockerized that we would change anything, since Devo is one of the main reasons we even wanted to be a band in the flurst pace. But to me this was a one time only chance to like co-write with my idols yo OMG Hooray!

OK the originalistic version of the song is like SO SAD yo OMG!
This poor dude, he got treateded bad by a not nice person yo!
Some of the things he says are coming from being so hurt, like OMG he even uses the H word yo! I changeded that to “H- E- Double Hockey Sticks” in my version of course Hooray!

The otherer parts I changeded were like mainlery to make the song more clearlery about us good peeps winnering over the creeepery mean peeps. This way it could be a like hypnotical NeoTrad dance track & make peeps feel more happity & badasserer on the insides yo! Make it a song about how to get past being hurt, or at least the Debbie American way to do it LOL!

I think the chorus is joyous and about victory. The other person wants you to feel alone and to hate them, but you rememberize all that Namaste stuff and refuse to stop loving them as you love yourself Hooray! Hooray for loving everybody Hooray! It makes you feel good PLUS omg it like TOTALLY annoys the peeps trying to like hurt your feelings LOL! LOL! LOLerest!

Sophie and I want this new record we are soon gonna drop to work like a prayer that banishes mean and ickity spirits from your world like a badass NeoTrad exorcism yo! If someone is texting you some shade, listen to our album before texting back. They're only being mean because not enough peeps showed them today that they are loved awwww!!!!

My producer Peter and I want to expecially thank George Tabb of the famous George Tabb family for encouraging words while we were mixerizering. Everyone else we played it for must've thought it stunk cuz they didn't not tell us ANYTHING about their inpinions yo OMG LOLEREST! And of course most of all we thank Mr. Casale for all his music and Ideas and for making it seem like it would be cool to be a media-first rock band yo! Our ideas attempt to like build on his.

And that's my Press Confidence about our new single, "I'd Cry If U Dyed b/w Jocko Homo" I recommend it highly Hooray luv, Debbie American Hooray.